Moving Information

In order to move into the rental property, you need to proceed with the following requirements.

Process of house moving

In order to move into the rental property, you need to proceed with the following requirements.

When renting houses, there are many things that you must know. Here are the points of such information.


Points of house  hunting①

1. Budget and requirements

It is important to decide what is important for yourself or your family when you decide to look for a  house,
It is very difficult to find a property that satisfies all the requirements, so if  you don't decide what conditions shouled be given priority, you will never be able to make the dicision.


(1) First of all, the most important thing is how much rent can be paid.
It is reasonable to control the rent about 30% of income.

(2) Considering life and lifestyle, it's necessary to give priority.
The top priority is how close to the workplace, or how much time you you will take in commuting.
If it has to be  within the budget, whether it's old but wide, or small but new, or "bathroom and toilet seperated". if you can't compromise with any of above conditions. It's hard to find a house.


2. Investigate the rental market
When looking for a house, it is important to consider the budget at the beginning and investigate the "rental market" of the area you want.
The rent is roughly determined by the location. For example, it's hard to find a apartment with 50,000 yen-rent in a location with rent which is 70,000 yen. Compare the budget you can pay with the rental market in the ideal location. When the budget is obviously not enough, it is a shortcut to compromise your hope conditions and find other areas where the rental market is cheaper.
By the way, the average rent of the apartment in Matsudo is around 50000 to 60000 yen. But in order to meet all kinds of needs of our customers, we have also prepared apartment with low price aroud 30000 yen with comfortable living, so please consult us first.

In addition, February to April, and September are the busy pried for real estate companies. Although the number of apartments is increased and the competition becomes fierce, the rental market tends to increase.


Points of house  hunting②

1. Network and Information Magazine
Collect rental information from network  is quick and with a wide range, and it is very convenient to grasp the rental market.

Rental information magazine is a collection of advertisements from real estate companies to send to consumers.
Since it takes 1-2 weeks from collecting information to issuing, there are also cases that the rental houses published in the information magazine have been signed.

However, rental information magazine has the advantage of easy to see a lot of information.


2. Rental Information of Real Estate Company
Real estate companies use two methods to publish advertisements for rental apartments.

The first is to use the network and rental information magazines to promote to consumers directly (information aims at consumers ).
The second is to disclose reantal information to other real estate companies ( insider information within the industry of real estates).
The insider information rarely comes into consumers directly, but you can see them in real estate companies. First of all, please contact us on the inquiry button. (You can also contact us by SNS.)


From application to payments

1. The occupancy application is not a "contract"
If you are interested in the apartment, you should submit the "occupancy application" to the real estate company.
The format of this application varies from real estate company to real estate company, but the items to be filled in include address, name, age, occupation, annual income, etc.
The occupancy application is a document confirming the intention to move in, not a rental contract.


Therefore, you can also cancel the occupancy application after submitting. It is better to confirm this with the real estate company before submitting it.
However, the reckless cancellation will bring trouble to the real estate company, so please think carefully when applying.


2. Move-in Review May Fail
The landlord judges whether the applicant is staying or not, according to the "occupancy application" submitted by the prospective tenants.
This is called "Move-in review", which will take about one week.

There are also cases that the landlord disagrees with move-in.
From the perspective of landlords, it's natural that they want to rent their apartments to people who are finacially stable, and abide by the rules of life .


3. When paying deposit
If you are interested in the apartment, when you submit the move-in application, there are cases that you deposit from thousands yen to one-month rent to the real estate company.
This money is called "deposit", "application deposit", etc.

Even if the money is deposited, it just means "want to rent". It should be noted that the priority of the contract is not guaranteed.
In other words, even if the deposit is deposited in the real estate company, the contract will not be established without the consent of the landlord.
If the contract is not established, the deposit will be returned. For caution's sake, please ask a deposit certificate clearly stating that.

When a contract is established, it is generally treated as part of the necessary expenses.


Points When Signing a Rental Contract①

1. List of documents prepared before the contract

(1) List of documents prepared before the contract
The documents prepared by the individual before the rental contract are as follows.
(A) In general, it is necessary, (b) sometimes needed.
(Note that this is different for corporate contracts)
(A) Resident's residence certificate and documents certifying income of resident
(B) Guarantor's seal certificate


(2) List of money prepared before contract
In the case of the Tokyo metropolitan area, the money to be prepared before the rental contract and the benchmark amount are as follows.

● Gift money (money paid as a thank to the owner when moving in) ... 0 to 2 months of rent
● Security deposit (money to be deposited with the landlord in case something goes wrong) ... 1 to 2 months of rent
● Brokerage fee: 0 to 1 month rent + consumption tax
● Previous rent: About one month's rent and management fee
● Non-life insurance fee: about 10,000 to 20,000 yen


(3) Prepare the residence certificate for the resident
When signing a rental contract, it is generally necessary to submit the residence certificate of the resident.
Therefore, if the date of the rental contract is determined, prepare a residence certificate for the person who will move in as soon as possible (not only yourself but the whole family who will move in).
The residence certificate must be issued at the municipal office or its branch office.


(4) Prepare income certificate of resident
In some cases, it needs to submit the income certificate of the resident when sign the rental contract.
Ask your real estate agent in advance if it is neccessary to submit the income certificate .


In case of wage-earners, the income certificate refers to the "withholding tax ticket" delivered by the company once a year, but a monthly salary statement is also OK.
If you are self-employed, you can submit the "copy of the confirmation declaration" or "tax payment certificate" which was delivered to the tax bureau when confirming the declaration.


(5) Prepare guarantor's guarantee
We also offer a service that uses a guarantee company and does not require a guarantor,
A guarantor is generally required for a rental contract.

Guarantor's letter of guarantee refers to the document that the guarantor will make the payment in case of debt (rent arrears, etc.) of the residents.
According to the real estate company, there will be different formats and names.

There are various names such as "guarantee", "guarantee contract", "joint guarantee contract".
In any case, it is a contract in which the guarantor's contract to guarantee the resident's debt.

Generally, Guarantees will be stamped with the guarantor's seal.
 If you need a guarantor, ask the guarantor to write this guarantee as soon as possible before signing the rental contract.


Points when signing a rental contract ②

1) Check the Manual of Important Matters
The Manual of Important Matters is a document that details the properties and contract contents.

A real estate company is obliged to issue  the Manual of Important Matters to residents before entering into a rental contract.
The Manual of Important Matters is a very important document, although it contains some same contents as the contract.

A real estate company is obliged to explain the contents of  the Manual of Important Matters to the resident when it is delivered to the resident.
At this time, the content of explanation must be executed by the person with certain qualification (registered real-estate broker).

If you have any questions while listening to the contents of the manual, please ask on the spot.
Please enter the contract procedure after the final understanding.

Also, if you have a fixed-term rental contract (a rental contact without renew), there is always an explanation here.
The term lease contract will end when it expires. If both parties reach an agreement, they can sign again. So please listen carefully to the explanation.


2) Sign the contract after you understood
Please do not sign or seal the rental contract immediately, but ask the real estate company about what you do not understand, then sign and seal it after you understood.

Because the contract cannot be canceled in principle once the rental contract is signed.
For example, suppose you have signed a contract, but later you change your mind and try to cancel the contract before moving in.

Since the contract comes to effect even before moving in, usually the gift money and brokerage fees will not return to the resident.
Generally, the deposit only will be returned to the resident.