Information of Rent

Information about renting a house

Opening a bank account

After registering your address, open a bank account.
What you need is
1, passport
2. Residence card
3. Account opening application form
4, seal

Japan Post Bank and Saitama Resona Bank can open an account immediately after coming to Japan.
Please note that the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, etc. will not allow you to open an account until 6 months after you come to Japan.


Mobile phone purchase

There are three major mobile phone companies in Japan.
They are NTT Docomo, AU and Softbank.NTT Docomohas the widest signal receiving area, but the charge is relatively high.

After coming to Japan, if you want to buy a mobile phone, the phone fee will be much cheaper if you sign a contract with these mobile phone companies, but it's cheaper for people to sign  a SIM card only who bring a mobile phone from the country .

The following items are required when purchase a mobile phone.
1. Student ID
2. National Health Insurance Card
3. Bank passbook + seal (not required if you open an account with a signature at Japan Post Bank)
4, passport
* People who stay for a short time cannot purchase mobile phones. Please use roaming service or purchase SIM card for travelers in your home country.

● About initial cost
Service charge for contract affairs is about 3000 yen
The purchase cost of telephone  is about 1000-120000 yen
It is able to pay in installments for 24 months.

● Monthly fee
In the case of general usage of students, it seems to be about 6,000-8,000 yen / month.
However, if you only contract for a SIM card, it seems that it will be around 4,000 yen / month



Guidance on procedures from opening gas to moving out

① How to start
In Japan, gas is also supplied by private companies. There are two types of gas which are city gas and propane gas.
To start using the service, it is needed to apply to the gas company in the area they are moving to (Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. in the Tokyo metropolitan area) via telephone or the Internet same as in the electricity contract procedure.

The gas company staff will visit the guest's address and open the gas in the presence of the guest after application.
Of course, if you wish, GTN will handle the formalities of process for you.


② Precautions during use
・ About alarm
In case of fire, an alarm setted in the room will notify you with sounds.
There are two types of alarms, smoke derector and heat derector. It is supplied to many rental mansions and apartments.


③ Inquiry information
Please contact the gas company you signed up with while moving in. If you would like us to contact with gas company, please contact at GTN and we will do it for you.
・ Gas payment
・ Failure or malfunction of gas equipment
・ Change name of gas contractor, etc.


④ Emergency contact
In case of gas leakage or emergency during the stay, please contact the police station or fire department near your residence as soon as possible.
At the same time, please be sure to contact the contracted gas company.
Police Tel: 110
Fire Department TEL:119


⑤ Prohibited matters / one-point information
・ Be careful of release
Never release gas as it may cause an explosion or fire.
・ Be careful about the smell
Gas is originally odorless, but it is purposely odorous so that you can notice it immediately when gas leaks.


⑥ About payment of gas fee
There are two types of gas.
One is city gas and another is propane gas. If you use propane gas, you must pay a deposit in advance when opening the gas, but it will be refunded when you move out.
Also, there are some differences in prices. The gas fee is calculated monthly, based on the results of gas meter readings performed by the gas company staff on a regular basis, and the total is basic charge and monthly gas consumption.


⑦ Payment method
·Account transfer
Account transfer refers to the method of automatic payment from the designated deposit account every month of the person who has a room contract. If it is Tokyo Gas, you can order an account transfer application form from the Internet.
·Credit card
This is a method of registering your card in advance and paying continuously with a credit card. The credit card company will charge the amount paid in advance to the customer for the credit card. For Tokyo Gas, we also accept application from the Internet. Please fill in the required information with seal, and send by mail. It may take 1 to 2 months as a guideline to switch to credit card payment.
・ Transfer
This is a method of making payments to banks, post offices, and gas companies using payment forms mailed from gas companies. You can pay at convenience stores or financial institutions.


⑧ Contract period and payment deadline
As a general rule, the contract period is one year. If you do not notify us of cancellation by the expiration date of the contract period, it will be automatically renewed.
Payment is due within 30 days from the meter reading date. If payment is not made even after the payment deadline, approximately 0.0274% interest will be charged per day, and if the payment is not confirmed within 50 days from the day after the meter reading date, the gas supply will be stopped after a warning.


⑨ Procedure when moving out
Once the move-out date is decided, it is necessary to inform the gas company of the preferred date of cancellation by telephone or the internet.
After that, on the day of departure, the gas company's staff will close the gas valve and end the contract after calculating the cost on a daily basis.


Natural disaster countermeasures

● Earthquake / tsunami
・ If an earthquake occurs while using fire, such as cooking, if you can turn off the fire on the spot, turn it off immediately.
However, when you are far from the fire, do not try to turn off the fire reluctantly, but to trun off after the shaking has stopped.
・ The door may not open due to an earthquake. To secure a refuge route, open the door in the event of an earthquake.
・If you drive for refuge, it may hinder rescue activities, or in case of tsunami, you may delay your escape due to traffic jam, so take refuge on foot.

● Heavy rain / typhoon
・Never patrol the canals during heavy rain and typhoon.
It is very difficult to distinguish the junction of the canal and the road after the flood, which is very dangerous.
・ If the TV is not displayed, the direction of the antenna may have changed due to the influence of the wind, or the antenna may have fallen down.
Let's check after the weather has recovered.
・ If you find a stain on a wall or ceiling cloth due to a leak, contact the real estate company immediately.

● heavy snow
・ If snow is accumulated on the roof, snow removal work will be performed, but fall accidents occur every year.
Please very careful, such as attaching a lifeline or working with two or more people.

・ poor visibility during heavy snow.
There is a risk of distress, so do not evacuate unless there is a risk of collapse and seek help.
・ If the window can not be opened, it is probably due to freezing. Warm the sash rail area with a dryer.


●Procedure guide from opening of water supply to leaving

① How to start using
In Japan, the supply of tap water is carried out by the Waterworks Bureaus in various regions.
To start using the service, individuals need to apply to the Waterworks Bureau same as procedure for electricity and gas in the area they are moving to by telephone, fax, or the Internet.

Start and stop procedures for tap water, please contact the Tokyo Waterworks  Bureaus Customer Center 3-4 days before the preferred date for start or stop of service. Of course, if you wish, GTN will start the procedure on your behalf.


② Precautions during use
About the term of the contract
The basic term of the contract is from the signing of the tap water contract to the application for discontinuation of use during staying. Please don't forget to contact the Waterworks  Bureaus Customer Center under contract when you move out.


③ Contact information
In case of water leakage, water pipe rupture and other problems, please contact the contracted waterworks bureau.
In addition, you cantact the following numbers only within Chiba Prefecture.
Chiba Customer Center
TEL: 0570-001245


④ Payment of water fee
The fee is calculated on the specified date as basis date of each month.
As for the  basis date, please confirm it on the meter reading slip.
The fee is charged by  the meter reading system every two months. According to the usage days, the basic cost and usage cost are calculated on a daily basis.


⑤ Payment method
· Account transfer
You can automatically pay water and sewerage charges from the deposit (saving) account of the customer of the financial institution.
If the water fee is paid by account transfer, you can discount 50 yena month (600 yen a year)  from the billed amount.
·Credit card
Registering your card in advance and paying continuously with a credit card. Please fill in the required information with seal, and send by mail. It may take 1 to 2 months as a guideline to switch to credit card payment. In some areas, credit card payment is not acceptable. Please confirm with the Waterworks Bureau in advance
・ Remittance
You can pay directly at a charge window such as a convenience store. At the time of meter reading, an invoice will be issued together with "Notice of water usage / sewer usage, etc."(meter reading slip).


⑥ About Stop Using
When you move out of the room in the contract, you need to apply to stop using of water same as electricity and gas.
You can apply through telephone, fax or the internet. If you have any problems, please leave it to GTN.
Please inform the waterworks bureau in your area of the following matters by calling or network.
・ Address of the residence where the water supply needs to be stopped
・ User's name
・ Address and contact information after moving
・ Date when water is stopped
・ Payment method
※The water consumption before stop of water supply will be charged.
You will be asked which method of account transfer you prefer  via the Internet or telephone.


Procedure guide from electricity opening to stop

① How to start using
In Japan, electricity is supplied by private companies.
Therefore, if you want to start using electricity at your move-in location, you must personally sign a contract with the electric power company in the location. (In case of Tokyo metropolitan area, TEPCO)
The contract application methods include Internet, telephone, etc. Of course, if you wish, GTN will start the procedure on your behalf.


② Precautions during use
・ About breakers
If  power is used more than the contracted capacity, the current breaker will drop and the power line will shut down.Turn off the power of the electrical appliance in use, and then turn on the power switch of the circuit breaker.
・ About table tap
If you connect an extension cable, or table tap, etc. to one electrical outlet and exceed the wattage of the usable power consumption of the device, it will generate heat and may lead to an accident such as a fire. Also, be careful when using it in a place where dust is likely to accumulate or in a place with high humidity, as it may cause a fire due to heat generation.


③ Inquiry
For inquiries regarding the room you are occupying, please contact TEPCO if you are in the Tokyo metropolitan area, or if you are outside the Tokyo metropolitan area, please contact the office that is in charge of electricity in each area.
If you would like to explain to the electric power company, please contact GTN, and we will explain it on your behalf.
・ Change contract details
・  Introduction of breaker
・ Change name of electricity user, etc.


④ Emergency contact
Please contact the contracted power company as soon as possible in case of any electrical accident during your stay.
Power failure and other related matters TEL:0120-995-002
If 0120 is not available, please call on TEL:03-674-88936 (charge)


⑤ Prohibited matters / one-point information
・ Be careful about humidity
Be careful when using electricity near water as it may cause electric leakage or electric shock.
・ Be careful of dust
Be careful when using the table tap in a place where dust is likely to collect, as it may cause heat and fire.


⑥ Payment method
·Account transfer
The electricity fee can be paid automatically from the deposit(saving) account of the customer of the financial institution. The electricity fee is paid by account transfer. According to the amount you apply for, you can get a discount of 52 yen per month. If you apply from the electric power company or network window in your residential area, the "application for account transfer of electricity fee" stipulated by the electric power company will be mailed to you.

Please fill in the necessary information with seal, then mail it. Also, it may take a period of 1-2 months to switch the account transfer procedure.
·credit card
If you request from electric power company in the area where you live, or from Internet window, a "credit card payment application for electricity fee" specified by the electric power company will be mailed to you.
Please fill in the necessary information with seal, then mail it. It may take 1 to 2 months as a guideline to switch to credit card payment.
・ Transfer
This is a method of making payments to banks, post offices, and electric power companies using the payment form mailed from the electric power company.
It is also possible to hand over the payment form of electricity bill to the customer at the time of meter reading of the month.
For details, please consult the electric power company in your area.


⑦ About stop using
The payment term is within 30 days from the date of meter reading date. If the payment is overdue and has not been paid, about 0.03% interest will be generated in one day. If the payment has not been confirmed for 20 days, the power supply will be stopped after the warning.


⑧ Procedure when moving out
When the move-out date is decided, it is necessary to notify the electric power company in advance that the contract needs to be canceled.
When you move out, the electric power company will visit you and settle the electricity fee on a daily basis.