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Information of Finding part time job

What foreign students should know in advance to part-time job

① What is the time limit for part-time jobs for foreign students?

There is a maximum limit of 28 hours per week so that it will not influence study abroad.
The time limit differs between during the semester and long-term vacation, so in order to avoid misunderstanding and calculation errors, discuss with the person in charge of the work and work in a planned way.
If you have two or more part-time jobs, people in different work places don't know how long you have worked in other places, so it's important for you to control work time with them.


② Part-time job recommended for foreign students

● Convenience store
The convenience store is familiar to people who use it every day, and there is a sense of safety that you can check the atmosphere of the shop and part of the work flow before you work.
Even if you are a little worried about language, there are not many cases that are difficult to communicate, so even Japanese beginners can work easily

● Restaurant
Cafes, restaurants, taverns, fast food restaurants, family restaurants and other restaurants have have the necessary occasions to communicate, so they are places to learn daily conversations and Japanese services.
In addition, you can learn about dressing and manners at the Japanese restaurant with uniforms, so it is recommended for those who are interested in Japanese culture.

● Hotel
If you have confidence in Japanese, you can use your mother tongue, but also experience the local customs of Japan.
Although there may be very strict training, it has the value of challenge because high salary can be expected.


③ Part-time jobs that foreign students should not do

● Jobs related to "Entertainment Business Law"
Jobs related to "Entertainment Business Law" mainly refer to cabaret clubs, snacks and bars. foreign students are not allowed to work in any of these places. Please be aware that even a kitchen or cleaning job is against the law.

● Game Center
The game center is also a shop subject to the "Entertainment Business Law," so it is not allowed.


④ Penalties for non-compliance

● Violation will affect employment after graduation
If foreign students do not comply with the rules for part-time job and violate it, they may be penalized and affect their employment after graduation.

You must be careful, and abide by rules.

● Violation of the permit for extra qualification activities will have a negative impact on the results of the stay application
Without obtaining the permit for extra qualification activities is a violation of course. However, even with permission, it is illegal to work over the limited time or in a "Entertainment Business" shop.
Even if you claim you don't know, you may be disqualified from staying in Japan, and you will not be able to work in Japan after graduation.

● Penalties imposed by the Immigration Act
In case of violation, both employers and foreign students will be penalized. Illegal employment promotion crime are applied to employers, and they are subject to imprisonment for not more than 3 years, a fine of not more than 3 million yen, or both.

If foreign students are illegally employed, may be subject to deportation.Deported and repatriatedo freigners cannot enter Japan for at least 5 years. If this happens, let alone work in Japan, and even study can not be continued.